What is Forex Trading means?

The word Forex is a manual expression of the term foreign FOReign EXchange. In short, which means the foreign exchange market, or forex trading. The foreign exchange market is the largest trading market and most liquid in the world.
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The foreign exchange market plays a crucial role in helping the international trade and investment. This market is characterized by the existence of daily volume, and the possibility of trading is open 24 hours except for the weekend. As a result of all this depravity Forex is the largest financial market in the world, with more than $ 4 trillion are traded every day.

The meaning is clearest for this market is an instant trade in foreign currencies outside the stock market through brokerage firms via the Internet, offers these companies and brokerage in financial facilities from banks and services to customers, and also provides economic analysis and provide trading customers to enter the spot market currencies over the Web or programs across Mobile or through trading programs are loaded on your computer, and after you open an account funded with money you can for you open long positions or sell foreign currencies for the country, which expects to improve their economic position or deterioration of the economic situation. A simple example of how to trade the forex market, imagine yourself the owner of exchange office have you be a buyer or seller of one currency against another currency, so you should know that trading in the Forex is the exchange rate between two currencies ie buy one and sell the other quite the opposite.

In 1970 under the Bretton Woods agreement, which was held in New York after World War II, has been floating the dollar is no longer the gold basis for determining the dollar value In 1973, the currencies of major industrialized nations have become more flexible and has become the main factor to calculate the value is the supply and demand factor as is the case right Now .

Trade between the countries has increased over the past 30-40 years, most countries in the world gradually transformed into free-floating system of exchange that enjoyed by the forex market currently.

Forex market which is characterized by the stocks and bond markets, and various tools, the actual liquidity and inflation. Stronger economically and politically, countries have the largest demand for its own currency, making it the most liquid. Alciolah largest economies in the world, the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, known as the G7.

Since the unification of many European currencies to the euro, currencies are the most liquid on the market today include the US dollar, Japanese yen, British pound, euro, Canadian dollar. Most estimates suggest that more than 80% of the foreign currency trading in the Forex market is the size of the currencies in which we have mentioned previously.

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