Success in Forex Trading

Before we begin anything we should be honest with you 100% and thus let you know about trade foreign exchange:
شاهد الفيديو الان من هنا
(1) All foreign exchange traders lose money during the trade.
The 90% of investors in forex lose money heavily and the reason is the weakness of education or lack of planning or lack of training on the different market conditions or their dependence on money management bad rules or even of them do not already depends on money management or tools may be the last reason is changes in market conditions.
(2) The foreign currency trading is not for the unemployed, in other words, is not so weak that his income.
Yes Forex is not for the person who can not afford to pay the electricity bill, which is due to run his machine computer, you must have a merchant at least $ 2,000 from the head of untapped money in the trade in a mini account or $ 10,000, at least in Asattandr account, or $ 100 in micro account to be has the ability to withstand potential losses should not expect it to begin with an account with a few hundred dollars to become a millionaire in a short period of time, yes, may invest successfully in this small money but the results are within the limits of the size of the capital invested.
(3) Most traders lack the discipline to work in the forex market.
The foreign exchange market one of the most popular markets because of the sheer size and liquidity and the tendency of currencies to move in strong trends up and down and success in exploiting trade opportunities for learners to be private or merchant learner.
Many traders come to the wrong Forex hope to become millionaires in leaps, but this will not happen in the case of a lack of education or lack of discipline required in trade, more people usually lack the discipline to part-time or neglect of the profession .. etc.
Tell you if you can not be disciplined, how do you think you will succeed in Forex Trading!
(4) Most traders forget that the forex market Negotiable fluctuation.
Trade the near term is not a game amateur and rarely the way for quick riches you will not be able to achieve a great investment success without the presence of significant risks associated with it, but that does not mean to be your trading strategies include a high degree of risk, because the non-sound-commerce strategies that include taking a degree great risk and lead to trade contradictory and suffering and loss are often not successful investment.
The trader who does not have a good strategy in the trade - or does not have a strategy mainly in the trade - it is so, and unfortunately trading way player gambling is not a trader learner understands the principles of economics.
Foreign exchange trading does not lead to a successful investment plan quickly but orderly!
Foreign Exchange Trading is a skill and takes time to learn and skilled traders can get money in this area, in any case is like any other profession could lead to a successful investment or loss.
Forex trading is not a piece of cake, as many people think.
Think about it if they are also to everyone was traded currencies become a millionaire ...
In fact, even trade experts even with years of experience still encounter periodic losses, but certainly the concept causes losses better than incomprehensible what caused it.
Think more, and create your own: There are no shortcuts to exchange foreign currency trading because they take a lot of time to master, in principle you can learn this profession during three months at the most, or more depending on your understanding and your skills and your intelligence on ..

Now is your chance to work hard and practice vigilance and successful Forex trading strategies on a demo account or what is known as the account "demo" and assumed that the money demo is your real .. the owner would never covet not be fooled ..