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An international financial expert stressed that the impact of macroeconomic conditions heavily on stock markets in the world, led to the emergence of the forex market primarily as a replacement for the debt markets and domestic stocks that are less likely to maneuver in it.
شاهد الفيديو الان من هنا
He said the financial expert Iskandar Najjar said that means the possibility of trading in the Forex market, whether bullish or bearish, noting that Forex traders do not depend on the state of the economy, there is no dependence on any of the ends of the market, and as a result, appears more opportunities deliberative, with risks manageable better. Carpenter hinted that technology plays a key role. It provides all the major brokers and access to advanced technology that allows software programming deals automatically and manually provide traders with the latest detailed data.

Earlier this year, Bari company led the global campaign for the launch of the latest global trading Borse Dubai Gold and Commodities (a program which MetaTrader 5) from the heart of Dubai, which is a clear indication of the focus given by the global FX industry for the GCC as a whole.

He said the financial expert «Although the technology provides an important facility, but the good quality of these tools as much as it is used. It is important that people are aware of the modus operandi of these tools, and how markets work and how long should dealmaking. For these reasons, I strongly urge people new to trading on the search for a broker or an electronic trading platform has the experience and provides guidance, research and analysis ».

The «able to trading on the Forex and commodities find a market with the arrival of global trading and exceed the size of the $ 5 trillion a day, and this is unparalleled in other markets, because the subject of the current financial abyss. Does not attract this amount of financial liquidity individuals who own small financial assets only, but it also attracts «whales market» and large financial institutions and funds ».

He explained that it is the customers who are focused on the forex investment vehicle and are working to take advantage of the fast-paced twists the diversity of emphasizing the development of a strong market, a vast change from the simple »hedging instrument» which is commonly used only five years ago the concept mark.

Najjar said «It is not difficult to understand the reasons behind the forex market growth of this great figure as the fear of investors from investing in non-volatile assets of long-term investments that do not respond to the movement of markets paved the way for a short-term strategies, and currently represents, along with modern technology, and improved access to information and data markets, and the increasing experience of traders, investment portfolios more attractive than ever ».

He explained that it is in the forex market, is quite simple, Valhra when the price is low and then sell later, or sales at higher price (as a forward deal) and buy later at a lower price. Of course, the market is more complicated, in fact, because of the difficult decisions that must be taken: such as when to sell? What is the amount of capital at risk? The most important: What currencies should focus on? Became the patterns that have been signed by more pronounced, particularly those related pairs traded currencies, in particular, which is the currency pair (EUR / USD), the most popular, which accounts for about 40-50 percent of the global market.

Carpenter said that although the forex market in the Middle East may cut a long way away from what was the case in the beginning, but it is still in the first road. In spite of the unprecedented growth, we are witnessing the stalemate is far from the levels that were expected to be reached during the next five years anywhere. Forex has become a stand-alone asset class in the Middle East, but in the international arena looks forward to retirement and interest hedge funds.

He added that what consumers are looking for is experience and knowledge. We believe that by using appropriate tools, investors will be able to focus on the trading strategy that concern them and use them as a way to supplement the current financial and diversify their portfolio.